Flowing Hair Dollar Mintage

The Flowing Hair Dollar was struck for only two years. During the first year of production, there were initially 2,000 coins struck. Of that number, 242 coins were not released, but melted due to low quality. This scant mintage of 1,758 coins released was followed by greater production in the second and final year of issue.

Flowing Hair Dollar

These coins were actually produced on the coin press used to make cents and later half dollars, which would prove inadequate to strike the larger sized silver coins. As a result many pieces were weakly struck and exhibit some lack of details.

Flowing Hair Dollars remain an important and highly collectible coin series as the first United States silver dollar. Despite the higher mintage of the second year, uncirculated examples are extremely rare. Below are the mintage figures for the two coins in the series.

Flowing Hair Mintages